NKP Law is a Family Law practice dedicated to helping families in transition. Our focus is Collaborative Family Law, Family Mediation and Fertility Law (Surrogacy, Egg Donation; Embryo Donation and Sperm Donation).

NKP-Law is not just about the law, we see every person who walks through our door as someone important and unique. We aspire and strive to continually offer respect, compassion, integrity and solid guidance to everyone we meet. Embracing and committing to these 4 foundations is our pledge and promise to our clients. We encourage personal growth through every transition thereby adopting a more whole-istic approach to the practice of family law.



I was admitted as a lawyer in South Africa in 1998 and worked for a law firm that championed the rights of single fathers. After a highly contentious court case, a landmark decision was made which contributed towards the law in South Africa changing with respect to the legal rights of unmarried fathers.

I was also very privileged to have been chosen to be a part of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which was held in Southern Africa. It was a further honour, when my cross examination was selected as a highlight by CNN and was broadcast internationally on their daily review and report of the hearing.

I immigrated to Canada and obtained my Canadian law degree through the University of Ottawa and I am currently a lawyer in good standing on two continents.

I worked as a Family Law clerk and completed my articles with a prominent Family Law boutique in York region.

I have never confined myself to stereotypical labels and boxes. I knew very early on that the only way I could honour my calling as a lawyer (it is a privilege) was to be true to my own value system and authentic self.

The commitment to my own self-worth and moral compass has stood me in good stead and has given me assured standing as a reputable and revered colleague within the legal profession.  

One of my favourite aspects of the work I do, is being an agent for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer; advocating for childrens rights and bringing their voice to the justice system.

I am a Reiki Master; Mindfulness teacher and Coach.

Through my own personal journey and deep understanding of transition , I am able to apply my teachings and help clients overcome their personal challenges in a respectful, wholesome and holistic way.

Professional Qualifications

Certified screener for Domestic Violence and Power Imbalances for Family Arbitration

Agent for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer

Certified Family Law Mediator

Member in Good Standing of the Law Society of Upper Canada

National Committee on Accreditation Certification (Canada)

Member in Good Standing of Law Society (South Africa)

Member of Mediation Association (South Africa)

Member of Association of Family Lawyers (South Africa)

Member of National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

Volunteer Work

Advisor to Director of York Condominium Corporation 279 (largest Condominium complex in North America)

Board Member/Director of York Condominium Corporation 279

Past Board Member/Director of the Canada South Africa Chamber of Business

Feeding the homeless at Osgoode Hall

Volunteer at Cotlands Baby sanctuary (Home for abandoned, abused and neglected children)

Volunteer at Johannesburg Legal Aid Bureau

Elected onto Cotlands volunteer committee as Personnel Liaison officer with the media

Re-elected as Personnel Officer and organizer of the children’s holiday programs

Volunteer at Sandringham Gardens Home for the Aged



We understand that any change in one’s life is a transition. It is a move from one state to another and it can be overwhelming, stressful and life changing.  

At NKP-Law we respect who you are and what you believe in. We respect your current family structure and that which you hope to achieve.

We understand that you are going through a very difficult time. We are here to stand beside you and guide you through your unique set of circumstances with solid legal advice combined with compassion and understanding.



Our commitment to you doesn’t just end with your transition.
We want the best for you.
Through our very personal service, we witness your transformation as you emerge from your current state with a new perspective- embracing a new chapter of your life that is full of potential.


The definition of transcend is to rise above and be in a better state.

We believe in YOU.

We understand that transition can be overwhelming and stressful. However, if you are able to apply techniques of wholeness and integrity, you WILL reach a place of wisdom, growth and transformation. Allow us the opportunity to assist you to rise above conflict so that your family can be in a better state- in all its forms.

Contact us to attend a free information session to see how we can assist you.



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Master your transition


Respectful resolution


Cultivate wisdom and insight


Heal from within



What are people saying about Nicolle?

In my capacity as Coordinator of The Changing Family Program at Jewish Family & Child, I have had many opportunities to work with Nicolle Kopping-Pavars.    With each interaction, I am consistently struck by her sincerity and candor in working for the benefit of the client.  Together with her generosity of spirit and wealth of legal information and expertise, one of her primary goals is to maximize and build upon the strengths of the clients she works with.

For our agency, and The Changing Family Program in particular, Nicolle has volunteered her time in different ways.  She offers legal information to clients individually through our Free Family Law Legal Clinic as well as providing excellent legal resources and information for groups in a workshop entitled How To Achieve A Good Divorce.    The compassion with which Nicolle offers separating/divorcing people is admirable.   I look forward to continuing to work with Nicolle in the future and am confident that others will agree that her approach is not only thoughtful and helpful, but also deeply resonates with a potent and firm knowledge of the law. 

Janice Shaw



Thank you very much again for what you did for us.  You have been so supportive and so kind throughout this whole journey - every time we had a question you were always there to help us and answer us as soon as possible - every time we were anxious you were there to reassure us with your knowledge but also your kind words.  You know, there are thousands of lawyers out there, but we could never have found one better than you - being competent is sometimes not enough, especially in a journey like ours - BEING is also very important, and since our first meeting, you have always BEEN nice, kind, supportive and have known how to talk to us (well to me especially) to reassure and calm us.  Thank you so much again!!! We found an angel in our surrogate and you are another angel for us... a "legal" angel.

M and C



Thank you very much for making our journey to become parents a smoother one. We were not sure about all the legal aspects, but your guidance helped us at each junction, so we could focus on our baby. Many a time we contacted you regarding our doubts and you called us back each time and explained everything in detail.

We are very happy with you and your staff about the entire process.  We have no words to thank you enough for helping us in the journey of making our dreams come true.

We look forward for working with you in the future.

Yours sincerely




Going through a separation is never fun nor an easy time in a person’s life. With the help of Nicolle and her amazing staff, a time in my life that could’ve been more treacherous and sadder was made into a moment of clarity, proper love and respect.  From this came forward movements towards a happy and new fresh start. 

 When you can sit across from the table from a person that you are choosing to separate from, and walk away being able to hug each other knowing that things were dealt with in the most proper and respectful manner is all that you can ask for. 

 Thank you Nicolle for your guidance, support and love to our entire family. 

 The kids and I are finding our new happy path.  S and I have a better relationship living separate lives. The children come first.

Thank You.




Nicolle, you made our separation so much easier and respectful.

We were so full of fight and you put out the flames. You helped us to remember the focus and what’s most important... our two beautiful children.

Also, to remember that there was once love and respect, we had to remember that to get to a resolution.

Thank you forever.




Lawyers are all the same I was told. Well that was proven wrong from the moment I met you Nicolle.  Your kind and  compassionate personality put me at ease instantly.  You always took the time to answer my many questions and never made me feel like I should rush or that I was wasting your time.  Very professional, very efficient and highly respectful of both parties.  I'm a believer in collaborative law and it's because of you.  I would highly recommend you to anyone I know. Thank you so very much for helping to get done what needed to get done in favour of us both!




The collaborative approach and Nicolle in particular, together with opposing counsel, brought a human element to an extremely sterile and highly difficult situation. The focus on mindfulness and the desire to understand my wishes and emotional well being helped ease the pain and uncertainty surrounding my separation.  To be able to connect with your lawyer during a divorce is vital and i felt a real and genuine connection with Nicolle.




I would just like to say thank you for helping me with the separation. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your staff and I am very satisfied with the outcome and with your fees. We were a good team!!




We’re writing a few words about Mrs Nicolle Kopping-Pavars, whom we’ve known since 2015.

At the beginning of our first surrogacy journey, Nicolle received us in her office to explain to us the legal aspects of the journey. She patiently listened to our questions, answered them with great professionalism, gave us valuable advice about all the possibilities and warmed us against the risks we might encounter in all transparency.

Later during our first journey, she went to great lengths to assist us whenever we needed her guidance and always answered us as quickly as she possibly could.

In addition to her remarkable legal skills and professionalism, Nicolle has also been incredibly friendly and available. We knew that no matter what, she would be there to support us, which is invaluable since (despite being an amazing and wonderful journey) surrogacy can be taxing considering all the parameters that need to be taken into account and the issues that sometimes have to be sorted out immediately.

Having been in touch with a number of lawyers in Canada, we must say that Nicolle Kopping-Pavars ranks among the very best of her profession. Among other things, her assets are :

●       stainless integrity

●       remarkable availability

●       profound benevolence and full devotion to her customers

●       top notch legal advice and support

●       as opposed to some of her peers, she truly cares!

When we decided to embark on a second journey to try to give our darling daughter a little brother or sister, it will come as no surprise to you that we immediately turned to Nicolle to see if she was available to represent us again as few of her colleagues really measure up to her brilliance.


Once again, surrogacy can lead to emotional times before and after the baby’s born, so one needs to be properly supported.

Therefore, we can only encourage any intended parents to work with the best. In terms of competence, professionalism, honesty and compassion Mrs Nicolle Kopping-Pavars is one of the few who checks ALL the boxes.






A Healing Circle is a place where you can find respite. With an open mind and heart full of kindness, the members of a Healing circle actively contribute to the process of universal healing, helping not only themselves but everyone around them.


Bringing mindfulness into  your every day life means understanding the nature of truth, so that in any moment you can respond with objectivity, wisdom and insight.


Bringing motivation and inspiration to your workplace and events.

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no-one come to you without leaving happier” Mother Teresa.


“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare



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