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Why I chose to practice Collaborative Family Law

My initial experience with the traditional practice of Family law was marred with frustration. The cost to clients, as well as the uncertainty of the outcome, not to mention the detrimental effect that conflict has on children was disheartening - not only for me but for the clients that I was assisting.

I was thus adamant that I would practice Family Law in a way that was respectful to all the parties concerned. To honour, the family structure and to keep conflict to a minimum as best I could.

I believe that one’s self esteem and integrity should never be compromised, disregarded or disrespected in any way.

The major advantage to the Collaborative Family Law approach is clear. Instead of having to live with decisions made by a Judge, the parties work with their lawyers and collaborative team (family professionals and financial professionals) to make their own decisions based on their needs and those of their children. Everyone has the right to skilled, knowledgeable and caring work from their lawyer, and that is my goal, with close attention paid to integrity, respect and self-esteem.

I am particularly enthusiastic about the process of Collaborative Family Law as it is a dignified and co-operative approach aimed at resolving the issues arising from a separation without going to court.

If you must separate, isn’t it important to find a lawyer and use a resolution process that considers your self-worth?

Costs will vary depending upon the difficulty of the matter, but one thing is certain: no funds will be spent on waging war. In collaborative family law, parties are assured of getting the assistance they need to succeed, while avoiding costs associated with non-productive fighting. The dollars spent on the collaborative process are a wise investment in a better future for your children, for you and for your partner.

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